My name is Sarah Christina. As a passionate problem-solver and advocate of kindness, I founded Sarah Christina Vineyards and give 25% of profits to women in hardship. It is an honor to have you join me in accomplishing this goal, in bringing purpose to our every day lives and in supporting women that need our help the most.


The fine flavor of our wine comes from grapes that are sustainably grown. They are grown under the stewardship of a family of vintners who, for over five generations, have respected and nurtured their land, allowing it to thrive as a natural habitat for plants and wildlife and healthy, flavorful grapes.

This wine is for celebrating life - a dinner with friends, a picnic, a birthday, a new love, an old love, a true love. We toast that you have a long, happy life and much friendship.

Sarah Christina & Friends

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The wine

Sarah Christina wine is made from California grapes, sustainably grown in California's top wine growing regions. The flavor profile was incredibly popular in a blind taste test with consumers, even compared to higher priced wines. We are very proud to bring you these great wines, crafted by our winemaker.

✔ Sustainably Grown

✔ Gluten Free

✔ Vegan-Friendly

✔ Silver medal winners!

Sarah Christina Sustainably Grown.png


Sarah Christina wine is bottled in an Eco-Bottle and is always looking for ways to reduce waste and support the environment.

The Company

We are based in San Francisco and dedicated to good business practices. Sarah Christina Vineyards is also proud to be a women owned company.

Sarah Christina Women Owned Business S.png


25% of Sarah Christina profits support women in hardship. We provide support to individual women, thereby directing funds to where they are needed the most.

Recipients are announced on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

If someone in your community needs a helping hand you can nominate them today. To submit a nomination or learn more about our program that supports women, please click here.

Sarah Christina 25 Percent Supporting Women S.png

Our Core Values

  • Supporting Women

  • Making delicious wine

  • Helping others

  • Sustainable wine growing

  • Kindness

  • Giving back


The Feather

Look for the glorious peacock feather and you will have found Sarah Christina wine.

For Sarah Christina, the eye-catching peacock feather represents kindness, empowerment and integrity.

Shimmering blues and greens…..the plumage a sight of beauty. Peacock feathers are also a symbol of renewal as a peacock replaces it’s feathers every year.

Peacocks are revered around the globe and have been for centuries. In different cultures and religions the peacock has a myriad of meanings:

Buddhist - symbols of wisdom.

Native American - symbol of dignity, wholeness, and beauty. 

Greek - a deity and peacocks also pulled the chariot of the Greek goddess Hera.

Hindu - associated with the deity that represents benevolence, patience, kindness, compassion, and luck.

India - peacocks symbolized royalty and power. The peacock is also the national bird of India.

Japan - emblem of love, compassionate watchfulness, good will, nurturing, and kind-heartedness.

What does the peacock feather represent to you? Hopefully from this day forward it represents kindness, empowerment and integrity - inspired by Sarah Christina Vineyards and the support of women that we bring to the world.